Growing Inclusive Markets,
Articulating Value Chains in El Salvador 

The programme / Programme Objective

The Suppliers Development Programme seeks to implement systems that optimize the suppliers development in productive chains characterized by the coexistence of large companies with micro, small and medium enterprises in supplier relations.

General Objective

To boost the Salvadoran economy by reinforcing the competitive capacities of the strategic sectors through strengthening and improving the value chain coordination in such way that the enterprises demanding goods and services integrate the micro, small and medium enterprises into a strategic relationship that allows these to be developed as their suppliers.

Specific Objectives

1. To stimulate the inclusive market development through a structural integration of micro, small and medium enterprises into productive chains, which ensures them a continuous improvement of quality and productivity, as well as an adequate market insertion, generating growth opportunities for both the enterprises and their employees.

2. To align along the chain, the objectives and strategic requirements of the client enterprises, promoting the entrepreneur professionalization, fostering better management, operational and communication practices with their suppliers.

3. To promote within the enterprises the incorporation of improved technologies, team work, entrepreneurial integration and association practices that support development and give them long-term sustainability.


The Suppliers Development Programme Results  from agreement 00059206 Signed by Ministry of the Economy and the United Nations Development Programme in collaboration with: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of El Salvador, Chamber of Agricultural and livestock and Agro industry of El Salvador and Salvadoran Association of Industrials

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